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These sturdy plastic cards don't get ripped, torn or thrown away -- they're forever cards...

Free ecards? They're unimaginative, overused, and full of spam.

Free Greeting Cards? Not likely. The average price of a common greeting cards is quickly approaching $4.00!



New Unique Love Credit Cards
Introductory Offer

Normally $2.49 per card plus shipping and handling of $1.95...
Retailing in stores nationwide for up to $2.99 each...

Yours FREE for the asking!
with a 99¢ S&H charge

Wait- you want one COMPLETELY free?
Ok, send us mail, the 'e' kind, to 'freecard' at loveinyourpocket (dot com)- tell us how you found us, give us your name and address,and we'll send you a card! Easy as that, for our viewers who READ the fine print! NO catch! While supplies last!

Simply click on the 'add to cart' button of your choice below!

Please note, due to a glitch in the Paypal system, although on the Paypal screen the purchase price appears as $0.99, this is the S&H charge. The total cost of the card is $0.99 ($0.99 S&H, and $0.00 for the actual card)!

These cards are sold online for $2.49 each, and are in stores for up to $2.99 each...

Credit cards usually mean debt, bills, annual fees, service charges, and late fees.

You can give a gift that will last as long as your love. Unlike greeting cards and ecards, these cards will never get caught in a spam filter, deleted, or thrown in the trash after a few days on someone's desk or coffee table! The age old problem of 'how long do I have to keep this greeting card' has been answered. By giving a love credit card, you're giving the ones you love a personalized gift to remember your love that they can always carry with them! It fits in a purse, pocket, or wallet, the same size, thickness, and durability as a credit card, but it won't get worn, creased, folded, or stained!

These beautiful cards have unique artwork, and carry a unique and romantic message that will stay with your loved ones and make YOUR gift a memorable one!

Your best friends can always carry a reminder of your friendship with them...
Wallet-sized plastic cards --
A constant reminder of you.

Size, shape, feel, depth of regular credit cards

Durable, re-usable

3 1/8" x 2 1/8" --
85mm x 54mm --
Fits perfectly into your pocket, wallet or purse Just like a credit card

Total shipping and handling cost of $1.95 --
These cards are an incredible deal!!

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Del Mar, CA 92014

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FAX: (858) 703-4649

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Yes these cards are FREE! Better than free ecards, free greeting cards, or free gift cards, and better than free coupons- These free cards are unique, beautiful, and priceless!