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FRIENDSHIP CREDIT CARDS - The Cards That Keep on Giving

These sturdy plastic cards don't get ripped, torn or thrown away - they're forever cards...

NEW Unique gifts,
Personalized friendship cards!
Introductory Offer
- $2.49 per card

Get one package of all five cards and SAVE $2.46! - ONLY $9.99
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Your best friends can always carry a reminder of your friendship with them...
Wallet-sized plastic cards --
A constant reminder of you.

Size, shape, feel, depth of regular credit cards

Credit cards, greeting cards, and ecards, and wound into one unique romantic gift!

You can give a gift that will last as long as your friendship. Unlike traditional greeting cards and ecards, these cards will never get caught in a spam filter, deleted, or thrown in the trash after a few days on someone's desk or coffee table! The age old problem of 'how long do I have to keep this greeting card' has been answered. By giving a friendship credit card, you're giving the ones you love a personalized gift to remember your love that they can always carry with them! It fits in a purse, pocket, or wallet, the same size, thickness, and durability as a credit card, but it won't get worn, creased, folded, or stained!

The back of each card has a writable panel that you can use to add a name, to and from, or personalize your gift as you wish!

These beautiful cards have unique artwork, and carry a unique and romantic message that will stay with your loved ones and make YOUR gift a memorable one!

For years, people have been using cards to send messages of friendship and love. First with greeting cards printed on paper, and now often electronically, with e-cards - people are sending messages to loved ones, friends, and family.

BUT, how long do these messages last and how well are they received?

Durable and re-usable, these are gifts that will last a lifetime!

3 1/8" x 2 1/8" --
85mm x 54mm --
Fits perfectly into your pocket, wallet or purse Just like a credit card

Total shipping and handling cost of $1.95 --
These cards are an incredible deal!!

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