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Love Poem Cards
Love POEM Wallet Cards
How Do I Love Thee?
& more beautiful love poems -- to keep forever
New and Unique
ONLINE SPECIAL - Introductory Offer

$2.49 per card

You are My Miracle of Love -- The Minute I Heard My First Love Story...
To My Forever Valentine -- i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
So in Love with You -- A Red, Red Rose
How Do I Love Thee? -- How Do I Love Thee?
From My Heart to Yours -- This is Love
I'll Always Choose You -- The World Outside is a Mirror

Get one package of all six cards and SAVE! - ONLY $11.99
Using Paypal (left) or

S & H -- $1.95
for up to 500 cards

These cards are an incredible deal!! A pack of coupons make a perfect addition to any romantic gift or greeting card!

Perfect for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, or for no reason at all... (The emergency gift -- you can always carry with you ... just in case)

Your loved ones can always carry a reminder of your love with them...

Meaningful love poem cards -
with some of the most romantic love poems of all time-
A constant reminder of you.

Size, shape, feel, depth of regular credit cards

For many years, cards have been used to send messages of love, friendship, gratitude, holiday and birthday wishes.

But really, how long do they last, and how well are they accepted?

Greeting cards average $3-$5 apiece, and usually only last a few days. After the first day or so, they sit as clutter, gathering dust until they're thrown away or used as a drink coaster.
E-cards haven't fared much better! With the increasing problem of junk e-mails, many are caught in spam filters, and never make it to the intended recipient!

Avoid ALL of these greeting card and e-card problems, and give them a unique gift they will

Durable, re-usable, perfect for the pocket, these gifts keep YOU remembered!!

Hint for guys
Or those prone to forgetting important dates --
The gift, anniversary date or Birthday date impaired --
Buy these cards NOW
Carry them with you at all times!

At that important moment --
when they're looking at you expectantly
(and you've FORGOTTEN again) --

Pull the special card from your pocket, purse or wallet that says,
"I was thinking of you..."

The everywhere, anytime, emergency gift!

3 1/8" x 2 1/8" --
85mm x 54mm --
Fits perfectly into your pocket, wallet or purse Just like a credit card

Total shipping and handling cost of $1.95 --
These cards are an incredible deal!!

For the best in unique gifts, romantic greeting cards, gift cards, and better than free e-cards, think! Your unique and romantic gift source - and free poem, quote, love coupon and more. Buy love poem durable wallet cards -- same plastic, consistency, strength and durability of credit cards -- same size -- and last forever.

Great for Valentine's Day -- romantic stocking stuffers -- and for your sweetheart to carry with falways as a reminder of your love.

Love poem wallet cards are great gift ideas and the perfect romantic Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Valentine gift or romantic Christmas gift.

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